Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Jo's birth.  What to say? As I said on my Instagram post, how could I ever say enough of those special days and moments surrounding a birth?
 I want to record the special moments of the birth.  First, having Maggie as our nurse was really wonderful.  She's so calm and comforting and funny.  Her leaving at 6:30 pm at the end of her shift only to return at 3:00 AM - even though it wasn't her shift and she wasn't getting paid - in order to be there for the birth and help me, was really special and meant so much to me.
 Having Dr Groesbeck as my anesthesiologist was also really special (and slightly embarrassing). He was so kind and checked on me and the baby twice more - once later that night and then again in the morning after the birth.

 The most discouraging moment: at 10:00 pm, after 9 hours of pitocin I was only dilated to a 3.5.
A good moment:at 1:00 am when they woke me up to check me and I was dilated to a 5.
Most surprising and second most exciting moment: at 3:00 am when they checked and I was fully dilated and fully effaced.
Most uncomfortable moment: when Dr Drewes sat silently, chewing his gum, at the foot of my bed facing my wide open, bare legs as we waited for my mom to show up so I could start pushing.
 Weirdest moment: when I felt Jo's head while she was still in my body and still unnamed. 
 Most exciting moment: when, after only 20 minutes of pushing, Jo was born - although we didn't know she was going to be Jo for sure.
Scariest moment: when she was breathing for the first minute-ish.
Best and favorite moment: when they laid her on me and she immediately stopped crying.  She's my baby and I'm her mom.  Really wonderful.

 Henry was so sweet to Jo.  He seemed to genuinely like her  - even if he was only interested in her for a minute.

Can't believe I'm a mom of two. Wow.

 A special night - the second night when it was just me and Jo.  Even though she did have her biggest crying fit of her full 3.5 weeks of life that night, but it was still nice to be just me and her that night.
She's so sweet.  Everyone says it when they hold her.  She has the softest, prettiest cheeks and looks so much like her dad.  She's beautiful.  My dad when he first held her just could stop saying how really beautiful she was. She loves to cuddle and is so nice. I love her so much. I'm just so, so grateful.  She's such a gift - as babies are. 
 My Henry guy. 
 My Jo baby.  She just didn't feel like a Violet when she came out.  We were seriously considering Margot, but Alex leaned towards Jo and that sealed the deal for me.
A very happy moment: driving away from the hospital as a family of four with our new baby Josephine Anne Grow.  I could never say enough about these special days.