Saturday, December 12, 2009

real life?

So, I guess it takes one of 2 things to get me to blog:
1. spending at least 8 hours a day by myself in a foreign country with no other personal contact
2. the breaking of my furnace so as to trap me in my bed, under my covers, in my bedroom with an electric heater waiting for the furnace man to come for several hours.

The rarity of the two scenarios equates to the rarity of my blog posts.
But this "real life" stuff that occurs between my sporadic public cyber displays has taught me many things:

Real Life Revelation #1: Marriage is way better than it's cracked up to be

One year wedding anniversary celebrations

Real Life Revelation #2: Skydiving is much more terrifying in retrospect

My reaction to the event: pure disbelief that God let me survive

Real Life Revelation #3: My grandmother and sister's daughter like my husband more than me

Thanksgiving in D.C.

Real Life Revelation #4: My junior high teachers/counselors were wrong: friendships do last

Florida trip to visit Katie

Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner

Real Life Revelation #5: Jess has at least double the leg length of my own

Real Life Revelation #6: This really isn't a personal revelation, but a revelation in behalf of all those who doubted and were brought to the truth of the matter at my Quidditch Cup Birthday Party that Cassie, Chelsey and Liz (partial disbelievers themselves) threw>
The world of Harry Potter is not just for children and Quidditch can
be enjoyed with or without brooms
All you need are a couple of excellent friends who will commit crimes of theft in your behalf (for legality purposes said friends will remain anonymous).
You know who you are Cass.

The sorting of the teams

Slytherin Team Meeting

Real Life Revelation #7: Columbus Day Celebrations have been the best kept secret for the last 21 years of my life

Real Life Revelation #8: Trent sings like an angel

Real Life Revelation #9: By far the most rewarding DYI creation: Halloween Costumes

Magic School Bus anyone?

Warren Jeff's Crew
(Notice: Kel really knows how to give it to the camera.)

Tumnus and Lucy

That's at least 4 month's worth of blogging.