Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Little Man

Henry is probably his cutest and his worst right now.  He's so sweet and soft sometimes, and so funny to watch and listen to.  But he also has an aggression that is hard to control - biting, hitting, throwing toys, screaming! Thankfully (I guess) he seems to only be aggressive with adults, and actually it is only with adults that he loves. He doesn't seem to hit or bit other kids (except for that one time he hit Audrey...twice, oh no!).  But he is learning, hopefully to "ee niiice" as he says (usually when he is taking a toy away from someone else). 
 He has a special love for Mai Mai.  Whenever I'm on the phone with anyone, he says, "Mai Mai?" Except when Dad is out of town, then he asks for Daddy on the phone.

 He loves the river at Vintage park.  He asks to go to the "wadoo" and loves to throw rocks in it.  The other day we walked down to the river and on the way home got stuck in a downpour.  We made it to Kneaders and called Alex to come pick us up.  I ordered some lunch and a hot chocolate and handed it over to Henry, after testing the temp myself.  Unfortunately it was still too hot and he started crying and spit it out and cried even more when the hot drink dripped down his body.  It wasn't our best trip to the park, but it was a funny memory.

 Bicentennial Park is incredible!  I can't believe I hadn't been there until a month ago.  Henry loved it.  He loved throwing rocks and sticks into the water.

 He loves his Dad-tee and is so sweet with the baby.  When he wakes up in the morning or after his nap he asks for the baby.  He occasionally rubs her head and says "soft" or will pat her stomach or back - trying to burp her.  He also gives her kisses sometimes. 

He never gets angry when she cries. He just gets a scrunched up face and with his high pitched voice he says, "she's saaad" and "Was wrong?"  In fact, the other day Alex, Henry and I were downstairs while the baby was upstairs napping.  Henry heard her crying and came over to Alex and I to let her know.  And tonight, when I was putting Henry to sleep I was singing some songs and he was petting her head and blowing raspberries at her (hoping she'd do it back to him like cute Oliver was last night at Malc's grad party) and would smile at me when she'd bump him with her arm or hand. 

 And while I'm thinking about it, Henry loves the songs Glory to God on High, the song that goes "whenever I touch a velvet rose or walk by a lilac tree), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and sometimes Happy Birthday (who he dedicates to McKay every time) and Twinko Twinko! Lil sta!  

 He loooves his cousins and they are so sweet to him.
 This is an old picture of Henry from Shane and Aubrey's wedding that Nicole took and sent to me.

 He loves Richie too - probably his best friend who he is most excited to see. They play really cute together.   And he seems to have a real soft spot for Sunny.  But who doesn't?

 These were taken on our trip to St George with Annie and Emily and their kids while our husbands were in Vegas. 

 Can you tell he loves treats? Root beer, suckos, snow cones.  Gah!

 Playing with sweet little Harper in the dirt.

 Still sucking his thumb and twirling my hair for comfort and pleasure.  It was so sad because a few weeks ago a donkey bit the thumb that he sucks.  Usually he only cries for a minute or two after he gets hurt, but he is usually able to calm himself down with his thumb.  This time he cried for about an hour because any time he'd try to calm himself down by sucking his thumb, he'd aggravate the wound.  Poor guy!

I really love this boy and love watching him grow and discover the world and become his own person.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Day in the Life in Pics

The past month has consisted of: tired eyes, sleeping and wakeful babies, couch time, pajamas, outings, all kinds of milk and too many pictures - hence the photo dump.
P.S.  It should be noted that the picture above is included for the joke, not for seriousness.  Proof of the exhaustion of this phase.

 I'm a little heartbroken over this picture up above.  I had thought that I captured a video here.  Henry was so happy and so handsome.  It was one of the few times he and I had really played together since Jo's birth.  I'm so glad I at least captured a picture of the moment.  I'll have to store that day and that "video" in my brain for always.  I love this age and watching him discover the world.

 We went to the zoo for Pop's 6th birthday.  It was a lot of fun.  Henry loved it - especially the lions and elephants.
 Tired, messy and happy.

 Kel flew in from San Antonio just to see Jo in person. Can't wait to meet the little babe in her belly.  And this reminds me - I need pictures of Mary and her children visiting. Mary came to town the day after Jo was born and was so wonderful.   She took Henry everyday to play with her kids and she loved him so sweetly.  Henry loves Mai Mai and all of his cousins on both sides.  He's a lucky boy to have so many aunts, uncles and cousins that he loves.

 We made it out to the Tulip Festival with Chelsey, Summer, Shelby, Cassie, Audrey and Kellee.  It was quite a big outing but Kel and everyone were so helpful and Henry had a good time.  He really liked the geese on the grass and their babies.  He did get too close, however and a duck snapped at him.  I don't know if it bit his arm or just got close, but either way, Henry was scared and cried.  The next morning we were reading a book about animals and when we came to the page with the chicks he said, "cheep, cheep! Ducky - es scay-ode" saying that the ducks were scary.  It was so funny.
 Numba one dad.
to be continued...