Tuesday, August 16, 2011

cam bridge

With less than two weeks left of the program, I thought I'd do a quick little update. (I'm sorry Dad and Judy - I haven't served you very well these last couple of months!)

We were sucked into the City of Lights (?) a couple weekends ago to tour the city with Jace and Jenne.

That place never gets old.

We went to the Catacombs on the last day, and although I try to refrain from posting too many museum-like photos, I must show you at least a couple pictures of this place.

Tunnels of the Catacombs underneath the city of Paris, lined by walls of bones. See those big white things? Skulls. And the hundreds of little white things above and below the skulls? Femurs. And behind those whiles are just more piles of more bones, all of which had been dug up around 1770 and thrown in the tunnels due to cramped and disease ridden cemeteries.
Supposedly there are something like 6,000,000 bodies stored in those tunnels.

The heart design really cheered this place up.

We love these two.

We left them Saturday night around 9:00pm to catch the 11 pm bus back to London that would get us in at 6:30 am. Unfortunately, there were some MAJOR complications at the bus station and 4 of our friends from Cambridge weren't able to get on the bus. They were therefore stranded in a bus station on the outskirts of Paris at 11pm with no place to go and 55lbs down the tube.
Needless to say, we felt sick saying goodbye.
Little did we know, we had our own adventure (although not nearly as bad) waiting for us.
At 2:30 am we reached the English Channel and had to shuffle off the bus to go through customs before we could load the 3:30 am ferry with our bus.
After being cleared through customs we load the bus and notice that 2 seats are empty. Apparently customs is unsure about two of our passengers and isn't letting them leave just yet, but keep telling us there is hope that they'll make it through.
So, 3:15 rolls around and no luck. 3:20 comes and still no luck. Finally, at 3:25 the entire bus resigns to the fact that we will not be making the 3:30 am ferry. Bummer.
Thankfully, the ferry runs every hour.
So, we all settle in an try and get some rest.
After writing in my journal I look up at the clock to see that it is now 4:00 and we still have two empty seats. Our bus driver then heads into customs to find out what's going on and returns to let us know that it'll just be a few more minutes.
Well, 4:17 hits and the two finally run on.
We rush over to the ferry and check in at 4:20 only to be told that loading is closed and we'll have to wait for the 5:30 am ferry. Bummer.
Unfortunately for me I have class from 9:00-12:00 that morning. Normally I wouldn't sweat it too much, but it was my art class that meets only once a week and the entire grade is based off of our time in class.

Well, we finally arrive in London at Victoria Station at 9:30 only find that the tube is temporarily shut down, of course.

Oh, and just so you have a visual, this is me at Victoria station.
Trust me, had you been on that ferry and bus, you too would have put on as many layers as possible. And perhaps if you look closely you can see my mascara running from my drool stained face.

Long story a little less long, we make it back to Cambridge at 11:00, I jump on my friend's bike at the train station and head to class as fast as I can.
I run up the stairs to my class and listen at the door. It's silent, which means that everyone's painting. So, panting and slightly out of breath (I had dropped the sweat suit on the train to Cambridge fortunately), I open the door as quietly as possible only to find a potbellied, naked man standing on a table straight in front of me facing my direction.
I manage to withhold any type of exclamation so as not to disturb my fellow painters. At this point I was functioning on pure instincts which were, "Get as far away from this foreign object as possible." This path lead me directly into an innocent bye-standing easel. The easel seemed to be as petrified as I was because it immediately crashed to the stone floor as to avoid any further interaction with this man.
So much for my quiet entrance.


H. Baum said...


haha I love it. So reminiscent of getting lost in a podunk French town after getting off the last stop and missing the last train to normandy and arriving in Paris with no where to go. Awesome.

You still look cute as ever in your travel garb, anne.

Cason and Marie said...

You are gorg!! Even in your sweats. Hahah I would have died laughing at the naked man...but maybe you're more mature than I am. haha. Glad you made it though!! Love you. xoxo.

adam and jess said...

haha oh anne! that would happen to you. so funny! come home, i can't wait any longer!

caseyandmelody said...

oh annie. just a couple of words... you're awesome.

Danny and Brittney Welch said...

What an awesome and amazing experience! I totally wish I could have been there with you. Maybe the next time you get stranded :) Miss you! Can't wait for you to come home!!

michelle said...

Hahahha looks like you guys are having so much fun!!! I love that picture!! You look so comfy! Hope thing are going great we miss you guys! Let's do a dinner when you get home!

kaila sue said...

You are hilarious! And you seem to have rotten luck! Love your guts!

REBBIE said...

can i pay you to blog more? i'm not joking.

Anonymous said...

so funny!!! I love that you're in europe again. Miss you!

Chelsea and Ben said...

you guys are too cute! I love all your pics!