Thursday, July 30, 2009


No work, no guests, no trips...
Due to the unusual circumstances, last Saturday was dedicated to Belgium.

1. Favorite Market
We slept in Saturday morning and consequentially missed our favorite waffles at our favorite market, so we decided to try the frites.
I had told my mom that Belgian fries weren't that good. I was wrong. I had forgotten that we live in the Turkish ghetto of Belgium, and as such anything in our terrain probably couldn't, and shouldn't out of respect to the Belgians, be counted as "Belgian".

These are Belgian Frites. These top McDonald's.
This is serious.

2. Shopping
Purchases, not pictures, for proof. Sorry.
3. Brugge

4. Ghent

We went to this college town to partake in the summer festival that we heard was terrific.

After a good beer or two or ten, it probably is.

We stayed long enough to hear the band sing the worst rendition of "Zombie" and pack in this delicious brat.

What a great way to celebrate our wonderful first 10 months of marriage.
First day in Belgium.
Jet lag does exist.

And I couldn't end without giving some pictures from our Falafel-Fun Fair Work Party.

After work we (yes we, I pretend I do stuff here) grabbed a Falafel at Mr. Falafel and headed to the Midi Fun Fair.

The ones (minus Benny) who braved a ride which I am so sad to say I didn't get a picture of.

It was like a giant windmill that had rotating seats on the very tips of the blades. The windmill then spun around taking us close to 150 feet in the air and went 80 mph. It was the scariest thing I've ever been on.
That may have been partially due to the fact that it was at a temporary fair at Midi (an area I was told to stay far away from at night) and included rides like these:

A children's African Safari ride.
Yes, that does say Negresco.

And this children's ride,
Jetboob...or bob.

Yes, they have been blurred.

We love Brussels.

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Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Hey! I finally found your blog :) How have you been? Where are you and Alex living in Europe and how long are you there for? What a fun and neat experience!