Friday, July 24, 2009

growing, growing, gone.

These two came to visit.

They kind of planned their trip while they traveled, and for a while it looked like we might not get a chance to meet up with them.
Saying I was bummed about it would be a total understatement.
Thankfully, everything worked out for the best (at least mine, and hopefully theirs).

So last weekend we were Grow-ing it.
*Dad, my driver's license says Anne STEWART Grow.*

Alex and I took a train Friday night to Paris and met up with Courtney and Wyatt Saturday night. It was Al's first visit and my third. It was so fun to see his reaction to the city.

Pastry, Seine, Notre Dame.
Let the Parisian Love begin.

The Mona Lisa
As disappointing as ever.

Napoleon's Coronation
Couldn't be disappointing.
This one's for you, B-ry.

Winged Victory
A favorite.

This (above) reminded me of this (below).

Sacre Coeur
The hour nap on the grass was most enjoyable.

Totally worth it, even after the money rape they pull for tickets.

Some more Growing.

Rental Bikes a.k.a. The best thing that ever happened to us.

2 almond croissants, 1 apricot pastry, 2 lemon crepes and 2 Nutella and whipped creme crepes later
we actually made it to the top.




Brandon and Katie said...

That's terribly sad about your dream! Haha I miss you! I have some bad news. No Europe trip for us. I swear every time I tell you about a trip it doesn't happen. I'm so sad! :( we are still traveling a lot but not that trip. Depressing right? It is for me. Oh well life goes on. Miss you and love you!

The Porters said...

Great pictures! I love them. Hope you had a good time. We're trying to get on Skype with you right now, but it says you're not on, or we're not doing it right. :) Email me if you're online. Love you.

dottie said...
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Sarah Orme said...

Love it! All i want to do is travel with you and have you interpret art for me. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in person. Eat a few more crepes for me.

A and L said...

you guys look like you had so much fun! i wish the grow-catanos were there. paris is such a magical place.

there is nothing like a much needed visitor to come brighten your lonely summer.

Stacey Sargent said...

paris = my favorite place ever!