Wednesday, August 26, 2009

brussels is...?

Before we moved here, I talked to just a couple people who had lived in Belgium before. I felt like neither of them could really give me a straight answer when I asked them what it was like. After I had asked one woman if Brussels was a neat city, she responded, "No" and later added,
"But you'll have a good time".
So, a little wary and highly curious I began this Belgian experience, determined to be able to exactly define this place upon my departure. But I find that after almost 3 months of living here and D Day just 4 days away, I too am at a loss for a description of this place. The best I can do is give a few images that may help provide some sort of Belgian vibe.

Manneken Pis, the national symbol.
Apparently in 2007 the fountain was stopped for a day
due to prostate cancer.

St. Catherine's Cathedral - a public urinal has been installed on the side of it for anyone to "drain the potato" as they say. Confused? Me too.

If you thought this was a 12 year old boy bartending, you'd be correct.

Typical children's ride at a Brussels fair.

And while this street performer was in Antwerp, it's Belgian nonetheless.

So weird.
And don't worry, I still confuse Belgium and Brussels.

Now add on a few of these

and these

surrounded by this

and this

and you've got it.
Brussels in a blog post.



Anonymous said...

Annie my cousin just got to brussels a couple weeks ago! He is serving his mission there! Do you guys ever get together with the missionaries out there? Its kinda far fetched but his name is Elder Jordan Robert if you ever happen to run into him :) haha probably never will, but i thought i'd mention it anyway.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

Hey how about you bring home some of those beligum waffles? Then we can put this whole you going and living and traveling in europe without me behind us. cool.

can't wait to see you dearest!

Mandy said...

Looks like an interesting place. We are excited to have you back though.

P.S. Glad the bus driver turned out to be a nice guy.

Mama Judy said...

So glad we've had our own on-the-spot reporters to give us the inside scoop on Brussels/Belgium. You did a great job of showing us around. So glad you had this experience. So glad it's about over. (Doesnt' that sound just like a mother?) Congrats to you both on seeing all the sights, tasting all the food and keeping us informed. See you really soon. Love to you both. Mom