Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Palo Alto

October came and went so fast this year.  It was busy. 
We managed to take two trips to California back to back.  The first trip was to see Mary and Abby and Ella and Lorin, but I didn't even take a single picture while we were all together!  It's always so fun for Henry to be with his cousins.  He loves them.  He and Lorin play pretty rough together and one time they were jumping on the couch and bumped heads really hard.  Henry got right back to playing but Lorin was rubbing his head trying not to show how hurt he was and said, "He's weally tough".  It was pretty cute and funny.
The second day we were there we went to San Franscisco with Mary and met up with Tan and Man.  Mary's kids couldn't come, so Henry and Jo were the only kiddos.

Breakfast at Kitchen Story was delicious - Alex's fav breakfast ever.

This is the only picture I got of Henry and Mary.  Henry loves her.

After breakfast we drove down to the water to watch the Blue Angels that were doing an air show that weekend.  It was incredible. And we had the most perfect weather.
We then walked to get some dinner but crowds were so crazy from the airshow that we ended up just walking back to our car, driving back to Tan and Man's and then getting a burger and shake and fries at the burger place close to their house.
The next day we played at the park with Lorin and Ella while Mary and Abby went to choir practice, and then went to church (where I panicked looking for Henry, not knowing that Lorin quickly escorted him to nursery after sacrament).  We finished off with a walk to and dinner at the dorms.  It was a really fun, quick trip.

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