Saturday, July 10, 2010

our blog IS still here.

Just a little something to get me back on track. It's always a rough transition back, but I can do this. I can blog again.

Hope your third, fourth and fifth were as good as ours.



Rach said...

During blogging famines you should really remind yourself that a poor certain German has no stalking material.

This will motivate you.

Your welcome.

Karly said...

I LOVE your header picture! its sooooo cute!

Jessica said...

I really enjoyed that!

Dinner soon?

Mary Martha said...

Kellee showed me pictures of your wedding dress recently when we were talking about wedding dresses. I had already seen yours and adored it. Melissa made my sister in laws dress. It's amazing.

caseyandmelody said...

Ok ... um, so seriously? Lol. I love this. P.S.I didn't know you had a blog?

Camy and Jimmy said...

Is no one going to mention the awesome singing skills we just witnessed in that video? Or the fact that Malcolm got a little mixed up thinking his arms were supposed to be folded instead of putting his hand over his heart?

I guess not... Well i will then..

Everyone in that video should be in the tabernacle choir! And Malcolm... I've made that mistake before too, it's ok! :)